#TBT to those first day of school outfits/picture days

Today we look back at the good old days when we didn’t have to dress ourselves… ok fine, we probably all chose these awesome outfits. It’s also apparent that bangs were very much in style, along with high socks… #saycheeeeese

Amber fashionably rocks the side bag. (and the cutest bangs!)
Schwam has some cool kicks and already knows how to color coordinate.FullSizeRender (1)

Sydney started the fashionable overall trend:
Bitterman packs her backpack with all the necessities.
Kami proudly poses in front of her sign. Name tags are key on the 1st day…

Flan and her bro rock the yellow on the first day of school.
image1 (1)

1st grade Becca. Contrast this picture with her prom pic 🙂
image1 (2)

Scook winning in her track suit.
Courtney Kiesow – nothing can make her late, she’s always on time. What a true athlete.

Lien is pretty unimpressed with this school thing, but rocks her name fashionably in her necklace…

Murphy has always been a snacker – see her lunch box half the size of her body… IMG_3788

Ebae makes flawless art in 1st grade. Always been ahead of the curve.

Claudia reppin the O.C. pooka shell look:
Photo 137

Purple background. Lip gloss. Hoop earrings – Dory makes those beginning teenage years look flawless.



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