2021 Roster

Alex Ode

Amy “Doodle” Zhou *

Angela Zhu

Becky Malinowski

Caitlyn “Grinch” Lee

Caroline “CT” Tornquist *

Cassie Wong

Claire Trop

Elana Schwam

Erin “Heron” Rea

Hannah “Hank” Henkin

Julianna “J” Werffeli

Kami Groom

Lane Siedor

Laura “Capi” Ospina Gomez *

Leija Helling *

Liên Hoffmann

Megan “Moose” Wilson

Nastasia “Stazi” Tangherlini *

Rachel “Nasa” Kramer

Sarah Hansen *

Sarah “SJ” Judd *

Sophie Knowles *

Tulsa Douglas

Yuge Xiao

*= Rookies

Head Coach: Rob Brazile

Additional Coaches: Ariel Jackson, Elana Schwam, Becky Malinowski

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