Brute Squad began in 2002 when a group of young college players teamed up with some
club veterans to form an elite level Ultimate Frisbee team. We shared a common vision of wanting to build a team that had positive energy, a flat hierarchy, and no politics. We believed in the power of a group of good people who were committed to pushing themselves to be at their best, working hard for each other, and not taking themselves too seriously.When Brute Squad made its first appearance at Nationals in 2003, it was like someone had given the Bad News Bears a Frisbee. Seeded 16th and sporting everyone’s favorite uniform (neither light nor dark and designed by an 8th grader) we made a respectable showing and finished 13th. The following year the team returned (with homemade Sharpied uniforms) excited to improve on the previous years successes. In our hotel room we watched the Red Sox “Cowboy Up” and win the World Series. In their hugs after home-runs and ratty pine stained helmets, we saw ourselves. Their love, the desire, the improbability of it all – we had felt that all season. All of us, even the Yankee-loving heathens among us, tasted their victory in our mouths. That taste has never left.

And so it goes: each year Brute Squad has climbed a few rungs in the National rankings. In 2005, we made the quarterfinals. 2006 was our first berth in the semifinals, with a 3/4 finish. In 2007, we had a rough-it-out semifinal battle and finished again at 3/4. 2008 brought a 5th place finish with a tough loss in the quarterfinals. 2009 was Brute Squad’s first finals appearance where we found ourselves bringing silver medals back home to Boston. We had another gritty semifinal matchup in 2010, and tied for 3rd overall.

In 2014 we dominated the regular season, but fell in the semi finals of nationals once again. Renewed with fuel for the fire, Brute Squad finally won its first National Championship in 2015 after a nearly perfect season. In 2016, Brute Squad encountered new challenges on the field and off, but overcame them to win the #twopeat on double game point at Nationals. Back to back champions. Despite all of the team’s successes we thirst for more… and are unwavering in our determination.


Today, Brute Squad represents players from many different colleges and elite club teams. While it is challenging to integrate our different backgrounds into one system, we think of our diversity as one of our greatest strengths. Practically, it allows us to be creative with our offenses and defenses because each player can bring complementary skills to the team. Strategically, the different perspectives on the team challenge us to continually refresh and improve our approach to the game.


The people on the team may shift slightly from year to year, but the one thread that
remains constant through the years is our commitment to excellence and to each other. On the Frisbee side of things, we strive to play creative, dyanmic, and fundamentally sound Ultimate. As a team, we believe in being part of something bigger than the individual, but all the while we value each woman’s contribution to the team effort. We are friends, teammates, and competitors, but most of all, we are Brutes – and being a Brute means something special to each of us.

With over a decade of experience under our belts, Brute is back for 2023, and whether you´re a fan, parent, sponsor or tryout, we hope you join us for the ride!


100% Squad Love.