Zoe Hecht

Name: Zoe Hecht #83

Age: 24

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Newton, MA

Position: O line cutter

Off field role: Strategy Committee

Season on Brute Squad: 1st!

Ultimate Resume: 

  • Portland Rising
  • Raleigh Radiance
  • Columbus/Ann Arbor Rival
  • Columbus Pride
  • Raleigh Phoenix
  • USA U24 Mixed
  • Boston Siege
  • Oberlin Preying Manti
  • BUDA U20 Girls
  • Newton North High School Girls

In real life I… am a trip support coordinator for educators outdoors (Appalachian mountain club gear room/reservations guy). When I’m not spending all my time and money on frisbee, I like to spend time biking and lying down and playing cards and drinking beer and doing crosswords.

Favorite/most surprising thing about Brute Squad: the seltzer

Fun Facts:  

  • I have nerve damage in half my face because I broke my eye socket (it’s the only bone I’ve ever broken)
  • I hate hot fruit so much (I’m passionate about this)
  • I always accidentally skip the number 11 when I count backwards …

Social Media Bio:

Our next rookie comes from a bit closer to home: Newton, MA. Watch out for her big “how did she catch that” skies and buttery throws. She once won a national title and world title in the same year! Zoe has also competed with teams across the country, from Columbus to Raleigh to Portland, ME. In real life, Zoe works as a trip support coordinator for the Appalachian Mountain Club. Don’t ask her to count backwards though, she’ll skip the number eleven. She hates hot fruit and her favorite thing about Brute is our seltzer obsession. After playing for exactly 1 million teams, we’re so excited she’s landed here. Brute Squad is proud to present #83 Zoe Hecht!